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See you in ​Oakland on ​Oakland!

We just moved into the neighborhood, but ​it's like we've been here forever! You've ​welcomed us like old friends, dropping by ​with ready smiles and eager appetites.

That's why we vow to always serve up ​goodness. Our food will always be locally ​sourced, slow-cooked, and served with ​warm smiles. We're family now. And this is ​how we cook for those we love.

Welcome home.

About the owner

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Sirgout Aga Badana

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The owner, creator, caterer and head chef of ​Desta Cafe. You may have met her at her ​previous location at a Farmer's Market in ​Berkeley, CA. Sirgout, a vegetarian, grew up in ​Ethiopia and is now a mother of two and the ​family is now located in the East Bay. She is ​working full time to open Desta Cafe in Oakland ​and is excited to share her love for Ethiopian ​food with you.

Crafted by our ​master chef


the finest ​ingredients

Served with

care and passion

Crafted by our ​master chef


the finest ​ingredients

Served with care ​andpassion

Our Cafe,

Your Way

A Vegetarian & ​Vegan Space

Dine in.

Wa​lk-ins are welcomed

Take out.

Choose from our selection, and we'll pack it up for you.

Pick up.

Call or message ahead, and we'll have your order ready.

Menu Favorites

Veggie Combo Plate

Comes with 100% Teef Injera/Gluten Free

Misir Wot

Lentils cooked slowly in flavorful beriberi sauce, ​a blend of spices and olive oil


Carrots, potatoes and cabbage cooked in a blend ​of spices, garlic, onion, turmeric and olive oil


Kale greens sautéed with garlic, leek, olive oil, ​and spices

Ater Kik

Split peas cooked slowly in a blend of spices, ​onion, garlic, turmeric, salt and olive oil

Veggie Sambusas

Deep fried savory pastry stuffed with either ​lentils or sweet potato & carrots

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Breakfast / Brunch Menu

Served with home fries

Fuol (ful)

Fava beans sautéed in herbed oil with ​onions, garlic, fresh tomato and herbs

Scrambled Eggs

Served with your choice Injera or toast

Tofu Scramble

Sautéed in herbed oil with onions, garlic, and ​fresh herbs with your choice of injera or bread

Breakfast Sandwich

English muffins, patty coated with cauliflower, ​veggies, house made sauce and cashew cheese

Lunch Menu

All entrees come with injera and salad


Veggie Sambussa of the day - $5

Lentil Sambussa: lentils cooked in a blend

of spices, onions, garlic and jalapeno pepper

Sweet Potato Sambussa: carrot, rosemary,

onion & garlic


Kale salad - $10

Kale massaged with oil dressing

Green Salad - $10

Mixed green salad with basil dressing

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Lunch Entrees

Misir Wot - $15

Red Lentils cooked in flavorful berbere sauce, ​a blend of red onion & garlic

Atakilt Wot- $15

Carrots, potatoes and cabbage cooked in a ​blend of spices, onions, garlic & turmeric

Gomen - $16

Kale (or Collard Greens) sautéed with garlic, ​leaks, olive oil and spices

Alicha Ater Kik - $16

Split peas cooked in a blend of spices, onions, ​garlic & turmeric

Shenbera Assa - $16

Baked chickpeas sautéed in spices, berbere, ​onion, garlic & ginger

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Shiro Wot - $16

Ground split peas cooked in berbere sauce, a ​blend of spices, and oil or herbed butter

Butecha - $16

Chickpeas sautéed with red onion, turmeric ​& jalapeño pepper

Azifa - $15

Green lentils jalapenos onion, garlic and lemon

Veggie Combo - $18

4 items of the day - Misir Wot, Atakilt Wot, Alicha ​Ater kik, Gomen, or Azifa







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Hot Tea

English Breakfast

Darjeeling, Mint

Ethiopian Tosghne (Oregano)

Ethiopian Ginger Tea

Ethiopian spiced tea

Chai Latte

Ginger Latte

Iced Tea

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Cold Drinks

Telba (flaxseed )


Hibiscus Tea

coming soon....

Beer & Wine

Ethiopian &

Domestic Beer

Ethiopian Honey wine

Wine by the glass

Healthy, hearty ​meals await.

See you soon!

Catering Services and Private Event Space

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location & HOURS - ​opening on Wed 2/15/20​23

303-A Oakland Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

Wednesdays to Sundays

Breakfast and Lunch

10 am to 4 pm

T​el: 510-350-8022